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My name is Brian, and I have worked hard to build one of the best resources for AR15 owners on the internet. My guides are 100% free and made right here in good old Amish Country Pennsylvania for that old world craftsmanship feel. Please feel free to share my guides if they helped you out… get the word out that at we can help you get started in the world of the black rifle.

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rock river arms parts kit

Lower Receiver Build Guide

Barrel Installation Guide

AR15 A2 Rear Sight Installation Guide

The Guides:


What Should Your First AR15 Upgrade Be?

The AR15 Buyer’s Guide: Simple Steps for Buying a Great Rifle

Hard Steel: The AR15 Barrel Buyer’s Guide… Turbo Edition

A Primer on AR15 Optics: The Red Dot Sight Guide

The Ultimate Variable Optics Guide!

Marksmanship Basics: The New Shooters Guide

A Intro Guide to Optics by Chris Hernandez

The Best Way to Zero Your AR15 or Kalashnikov by Black Hat Training Corps

Best Articles: Some of my most heavily shared articles and some AR15 guides that I am simply too proud of to let slide into oblivion!

Modern Rifle 7

Rock That Glass! Getting the most out of your variable!

I Want to be a Rifleman, but My Range Only Goes to 100 yards!?